Important Questions To Ask Before Installing A Fence

Posted on: February 9, 2017 by in Tips
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If you have property, it is normal to want to protect it from trespassers and damage from animals. One of the ways to do this is by installing a fence. This shouldn’t be too hard. All you have to do is find a good fence contractor and get a good durable fence.

However, there are some questions you will need answering before you can install your fence. Here are some of them.

Are There Any Utilities In The Fence Line?

This is a question you can answer easily by going to the utility provision office. If there are any pipes or lines underground that will cross with your fence the utility provider should let you know. This prevents you from damaging any public utilities during your fence installation. Damage of this kind can cost you greatly.

Do You Need A Permit?

This is important so that you do not get into any legal trouble. The fence permit is necessary because it shows the exact location of your fence as well as the documents stating that you have paid the necessary fee. If you need to know how to get a permit for your fence, you can check online.

Are You Aware Of Borders?

Your borders are the places where your property starts and ends. It is important to have this information so that you can avoid installing your fence on neighboring property. Almost all installation companies will require this information so as to know where to place the fence posts. Lack of this can cause lawsuits if your neighbor claims that you have installed a fence on their land.

What Type Of Fence Do You Need?

In other words, what do you intend to keep out or in? If you are thinking of installing a fence to ensure that there are no animals that get in or out, then you should get a fence strong enough for this purpose. The type of fence to install is also determined by the kind of soil in the area.

If the place is at a high risk of a termite infestation, then you should install a fence that is supported by concrete posts. Picket fences will be eaten away by the termites in no time, causing you to buy a new fence and spend more.

Are There Any Rules For Fence Heights Or Types?

In some districts, you will often find that there are certain restrictions against a particular type of height for a fence. You should ask if this is the case before installation to avoid any trouble. This question should be posed to the area’s building and engineering department. They will have all the information regarding fence installation regulations.

Do You Need To Talk To Your Neighbor?

If you have a close proximity neighbor, then you may need to inform them about the installation. You should also put into consideration some factors, like if they have pets or of the fence will be an advantage to the both of you.