Chain Link Fence Installation

Whether you need to fix a fence, install a commercial security perimeter, or want to add a beautiful set of gates to your existing design, Fort Lauderdale Fence Pros is proud to be a leading fence expert serving the Fort Lauderdale community and surrounding areas.

Our Services

We want you to have properties that look good and function at the level you need. We provide services that range from surveying, installation, all the way to repair and preventive maintenance. Our range of products goes from six to eleven gauge. We offer tailored security solutions for garages, outbuildings, utility zones, and homes.

Fencing Options

• Sliding and swinging gates
• Wind screens
• Tin inserts
• Aluminum slats and more

Benefits to having chain link fences for your business

• Maintain property lines
• Enhance curb appeal
• Secure your property
• Reduce lawn traffic
• Add value to your property
• Tie the yard and business design together
• Reduce insurance fees
• Cut down on litter
• More privacy

Why Choose Fort Lauderdale Fence Pros?

From industry specific tools and equipment to extensively trained technicians, we have what it takes to do any fencing job. Our goal is to take the hassle out of the entire process so that you can keep doing what you love the most. We apply for the permits, schedule inspections, order materials, and give you the look you want at the same time.

Top-Notch Personnel

Our courteous staff members will help you meet deadlines, keep on top of the budget, and stay out of the way as much as possible. We do this for a living; we know shortcuts, and we understand the process from start to finish. Why not choose a local professional that has years of experience and excellent online ratings?

Fort Lauderdale Fence Pros is your local yard enclosure experts. We understand the specifics of digging in the limestone and sandy soils. Keeping wild critters out of your yard does not have to be challenging with our fencing options.

We can help you find a solution that fits your budget and gives you the aesthetic appeal you want at the same time. For more information about everything from security issues to decor options, call our fencing experts at (954) 945-7385.